Hello! I'm Mikhaela.

I live in the Swan Valley, Western Australia with my husband and two sons. We have a large organic vegetable garden, fruit trees, pet chickens, pet sheep, olive trees and a beautiful American Staffordshire terrier named George. 

On our property we have a precious 70 year old home that we intend to restore. There are exciting times ahead for us. Many projects, many eggs, much gardening, olives to be pressed and pickled, recipes to be invented, spin classes to be planned, nutrition and fitness study completed... the list goes on. All whilst soaking up what is most important. My beautiful family.

I quit sugar when I when was pregnant with my first son. It was making me fat and sick. Not only did it change my body and mind, I didn't feel lethargic anymore and I stopped overeating.

I want my children to grow up to live healthy lives free from the processed rubbish that you find in the supermarket. I want to show them how to cook and enjoy wholesome food.

All this said, the reality is that I have a sweet tooth!  So this is my journey of finding alternatives to the usual desserts, sugary snacks we have been eating non stop.. I hope that these alternatives will help you quit white sugar.

I'm passionate about health. Physical AND Mental Health. I believe the two go hand in hand to produce life fulfillment and happiness. I also believe the food we consume greatly reflects how we feel emotionally as well as physically. I've been the guinea pig in this experiment so I know it is true.

This is kind of like a diary. A blog journey. As a wife and mother, #nosugar advocate, house restorer, organic gardener, fitness lover/instructor, cooking experimenter and keen food eater :)

Mikhaela x