Hello! I'm Mikhaela.

I live in the Swan Valley, Western Australia with my husband and two sons. On our property we have a precious 70 year old home that we intend to restore.We have a large organic vegetable garden, fruit trees, pet chickens, pet sheep, 62 olive trees and a beautiful American Staffordshire terrier named George. 

A few life changes have become the reason for this personal blog.

1. I now move my body. And challenge it. Regularly.

After spending very little of my life exercising prior to children, I became acutely aware after my first son how valuable movement was. For my mental health particularly. It was only through some encouragement from my spin instructor, that I decided to become one. (My 20 year old self WOULD NEVER have believed the crazy bike lady I have become!)  So when I tell my friends, 'If I can do it, you can definitely do it..' I am coming from a very genuine place of being 'NOT AT ALL FIT' to 'VERY FIT....

2. I quit sugar when I was pregnant with my first son. It was making me fat, unmotivated and sick. Not only did it change my body composition and mind, I didn't feel lethargic anymore and I stopped overeating.

I love to cook. When I wake up in the morning I already know what meals my family and I will be eating for the day. My mind is constantly on fooooodd. The last thing I wanted was to miss out on sweet treats, so began my journey of experimenting with wholefood alternatives. That are still as delicious!

And of course, I want my children to grow up to live healthy lives free from the processed rubbish that you find in the supermarket. I want to show them how to cook and enjoy real food..

I'm passionate about health. Physical AND Mental Health. I believe the two go hand in hand to produce life fulfillment and happiness. I also believe the food we consume greatly reflects how we feel emotionally as well as physically. I've been the guinea pig in this experiment so I know it is true.

This is kind of like a diary. A blog journey. As a wife and mother, #nosugar advocate, house restorer, organic gardener, fitness lover/instructor, cooking experimenter and keen food eater :)

Mikhaela x