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I quit sugar five years ago when I was pregnant with my first son. It was making me fat, sick, lethargic and miserable. It was hard, but I got there and the reward has been incredible. For me and my family.

This is a personal blog. A place that I share #refinedsugarfree recipes and other family favourites.

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Growing our own food

For the first time the other day, I sat down and actually thought about all of the edible plants we now have in our garden. It's been a time consuming work in progress and some things have not survived, others have had to be transplanted to a better suited position. Gardening certainly is not an impatient persons hobby. Or perhaps it is actually the perfect hobby for an impatient person trying to become more patient. Because.. well .. having a child.. coupled with the joy of a big garden, I have become more patient. (I can say this confidently because my husband agrees) !!

Seeing the garden through the different seasons I have been so surprised how different it can all look from one month to the next. With the Winter weeds upon us at the moment it really does look an abandoned block. I don't want to use chemicals, particularly in the vegetable patch so most days I try to get out there for some therapeutic weeding. Funny thing about 18 month old children is that they all really want to help you with what ever you are doing. So when Albert watches me pulling out greenery he starts pulling them out too... Even the all the newly planted leeks.

So in our garden so far we have pomegranates, oranges, cumquats, mulberrys, gooseberrys, apples, figs, lemons, goji berries, passionfruit and in the vege patch (at this point in time) we have kale, garlic, tomatoes, brocoli, corn, broad beans, rhubarb, radish, chillis, lettuces, capsicum, onions, eggplant, pakchoy, rocket, asparagus, dill, thyme, oregano, mint, aloe vera, leeks, french sorrel and silverbeet. 

I cannot believe how far we have come in growing our own food. The satisfaction in going outside before cooking dinner and picking it fresh is rewarding. And needless to say, it all tastes so much better than anything we could buy.

If you can start off small you'll be amazed at what you can achieve. I recommend going to a local nursery and having a chat to ascertain what will grow well in your area. Our local nursery have been a huge help. Be true to how hot, cold or windy it can be where you live. There have been a number of plants we would simply love to have, but they are just not suitable for where we live.  

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GLUTEN FREE Roast Almond Cookies

GLUTEN FREE Roast Almond Cookies

Think about how you fuel it.. Think about how much respect you give it

Think about how you fuel it.. Think about how much respect you give it