I'm Mikhaela.

I quit sugar five years ago when I was pregnant with my first son. It was making me fat, sick, lethargic and miserable. It was hard, but I got there and the reward has been incredible. For me and my family.

This is a personal blog. A place that I share #refinedsugarfree recipes and other family favourites.

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I have a confession to make

I have a confession to make

So, I fell off the no refined sugar wagon over the weekend. The wagon I have been steadily riding pretty well for a while now.

When I say I fell off, I threw myself off, hit my head, clambered back on and then fell off again.

I have spent the last couple of days feeling guilty about it. Hating on myself. Feeling like rubbish mentally and physically too. My body is not used to it. And truth is, I actually felt quite sick afterward. It didn't stop my body craving more though!

I was having a rough day. Hell, I'd had a rough few weeks. The children have been sick. Teething. Unhappy. Not sleeping. And finally after a few weeks of me not sleeping much at all. My tank was on empty.

Whilst walking down the biscuit aisle at the supermarket, saw that they were on special and put them in the trolley without even thinking about it. (There is something to be said about grocery shopping when you're hungry!) ... I was a zombie. Looking for something to wake me up.

What is pretty ridiculous is that I had two AMAAZZZAZZZing homemade slices in my freezer that are deliciously sweet enough to satisfy my sweet cravings. But no - I went with easy $2.00 Tim Tams.

So.. point to this story?

I guess that for all the talking about not eating sugar.. and how it certainly has changed my life. I do still have moments of weakness to the stuff. I do still eat sugar.

The most important thing now is to move on. Not beat myself up about it. And give up on my usually good willpower. 

Just get back on the wagon..

Mikhaela x

A bit of salad inspiration for you this Tuesday xx

A bit of salad inspiration for you this Tuesday xx

Raw Salted Caramel Slice

Raw Salted Caramel Slice